The Effects Of Colloidal Silver On Erectile Dysfunction

erectile dysfunction

Silver has been taken as a cure for medical problems since at least the era of the Ancient Greeks, and erectile dysfunction (ED) is a problem that pre-dates that ancient civilisation. There is still yet to be proof that colloidal silver can help with ED, but there is evidence that it can cause you to experience medical problems – as I explain below.

What is colloidal silver & why do people use it?

Colloidal silver is submicroscopic metallic silver particles which are suspended in a colloidal base. It has been used for years as an alternative medicine, with many different peoples across the world (from the UK to the Caribbean) using it to treat an array of conditions.

Some people and cultures believe colloidal silver to be a cure-all treatment, with one of the claims being that viruses and bacteria are suffocated by it. This is led to colloidal silver being used for a diverse array of ailments and patients – from people suffering from HIV to those with wounds that need to be protected against infection.

Only a few of the particles in colloidal silver can be seen by the human eye, with most far too tiny for you to see. The particles which cannot be seen are called nanoparticles, this is because they are all less than 100 nm in size.

Should I use colloidal silver to treat my erectile dysfunction?

As something which is used for a number of different medical conditions, it’s of little surprise to discover that colloidal silver has been considered as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. However, there is no conclusive proof that colloidal silver is an effective way of treating erectile dysfunction.

While science is yet to find proof that colloidal silver can help to treat erectile dysfunction, there are a number of established treatments that have been shown to be effective in helping to tackle erectile dysfunction. Spedra tablets are one of the most highly regarded and popular treatments for erectile dysfunction, as they are fast-acting and long-lasting.

Spedra tablets take as little as 20 minutes to begin working. Once they have taken effect, Spedra tablets can help you to maintain an erection for up to 5 hours – making them a proven way of tackling erectile dysfunction. Spedra can be bought online from registered and regulated UK pharmacists, with 50mg, 100mg, and 200mg available after a free consultation.

What do the reviews say about using colloidal silver for ED?

There are many online customer reviews of colloidal silver, covering a vast number of different ailments that it has been used to treat – particularly for the established brands that are selling it.

Higher Nature is one of the best-known brands that sells colloidal silver. It’s Natural Anti-Septic Spray currently (as of June 2019) has a Trustpilot score of 4.8, putting it among the highest ranked products on the customer review site. Elsewhere, Sovereign Silver’s, Colloidal Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol has a rating of 4.5 on iHerb, based on 168 reviews.

However, while there are plenty of good online reviews for products which use colloidal silver, reviewers say little to nothing about how effective it is at treating ED. This is in contrast to established and respected treatments for ED. For instance, Spedra reviews give the ED treatment a customer rating as high as 4.9 (98%) – the active ingredient of Spedra is avanafil, a drug which is recognised by the NHS as being an effective treatment for ED.

Is using colloidal silver for ED bad for my liver & kidneys?

While many people take colloidal silver to treat various infections, viruses, and other ailments, there remain concerns over the side-effects of using it. Potential liver and kidney problems are one of the most discussed issues, with respected health organizations advising that these organs can be damaged by using colloidal silver.

The most obvious health risk of taking colloidal silver, as a treatment for ED (or any other ailment), is that you may get argyria. Argyria turns your skin a blue-grey-purple colour and research suggests that it could damage your kidneys – a loss of night vision is another issue associated with argyria.

Respected ED treatments come with their own side-effects, but none are known to turn you purple. Spedra is one of the most common forms of ED treatment. The common (affecting up to 10% of people who take it) side effects of Spedra include nasal congestion, headaches, and flushing.

While the positive effects of taking colloidal silver remain unclear (particularly for erectile dysfunction) the negative side effects are. So, if you have ED, you should take one of the recognised treatments for it, like Spedra.

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