6 Educational Facts About Colloidal Silver You Didn’t Know


Thanks to the increase in popularity, the market is flooded with a whole string of products all claiming to be true colloidal silver. It is important to know the difference between what is true colloidal silver, and what isn’t, as this will surely play a role in the outcome of your usage thereof.

This is but one of many facts you should know before buying a colloidal silver product to use as a home remedy. In this post we uncover more educational facts that should provide sufficient information on the subject matter. Let’s get started!

#1: Ancient Romans and Greeks Used It


Colloidal silver was usedfrom as early as ancient times, when Greeks and Romans used it to prevent food putrefaction. Later on, in the nineteenth century, medical practitioners started using it to prevent infection. It became less popular when antibiotics entered the health industry.

#2: It’s Used as a Water Purifier


Did you know that the International Space Station uses colloidal silver to purify water? They use filters that contains silver to kill harmful organisms and bacteria. Other organisations have also joined them, including the World Health Organisation.

#3: Known to Kill Germs


While the ancient Romans and Greeks used silver to prevent food from spoiling, it was also used to preserve milk. Because silver is known to kill germs and harmful bacteria, people used to throw a silver coin in milk to keep it fresher for longer.

#4: It Fights Disease


Recent studies have shown that the use of colloidal silver can combat disease, infections and harmful microorganisms effectively. Some researchers have also found that the use of silver nanoparticles in rheumatoid arthritis proved to combat this serious disease.

#5: It Kills Harmful Bacteria


You are probably wondering how colloid silver combats disease. The answer lies in the fact that the silver nanoparticles binds with said harmful bacteria, and stops its metabolic functions. This essentially results in destroying bacteria and harmful organisms.

#6: Some Colloidal Silver Products Aren’t Effective


It is important to note that you won’t find the same positive results from every colloid silver product on the market. Be sure you know the difference between colloidal and ionic silver, and that you don’t use the latter by mistake. The product also has to have the correct balance of silver nanoparticles.

As you can see, the wonders of colloidal silver go far above and beyond our comprehension and it has a lot of health benefits. Keep in mind that to benefit from using silver as a supplement, you have to buy true colloidal silver.

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