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Toby Arnold is a professional pharmacist with a passion for helping others. When it comes to health and pharmaceutical products, there is no one better to trust than Toby. With his years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Toby wanted to create a platform where consumers could get the information they needed with regards to colloidal silver and the safety thereof.

Toby is joined by a team of medical specialists who shares his vision to inform and educate readers on the risks and benefits of using colloidal silver. But that’s not all they are concerned about. The team also covers a whole range of health-related topics and provides readers with first-hand perspectives on the benefits and risks of the latest pharmaceutical products on the market.

When you decide to join our community, you can expect the following:

Latest News

Our team will keep you informed on breaking medical and pharmaceutical news. Whether it is a new product being released, or a significant medical discovery, we’ll keep you in the know.

Health Tips

As health professionals, we are driven by our passion to provide our readers with expert health tips. Nothing is more valuable than your health, and we intend to ensure you can maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Health Guides

We publish informative and comprehensive health, fitness and buyer’s guides to ensure you can live a full and healthy life. From products we recommend, to guides on how to stay healthy, we’ve got you covered.

Be sure to contact Silver Safety if you have any specific query regarding health or the use of colloidal silver. Our team is always available to provide professional tips and advice.