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Top 5 Silver Products Approved by Government and available on Shelves

While colloidal silver used to be used to keep food fresher for longer and to purify water, there are many [...]

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Top 5 Silver Products Approved by Government and available on Shelves


While colloidal silver used to be used to keep food fresher for longer and to purify water, there are many other ways in which the pharmaceutical industry is starting to employ the product. With all the health benefits it has to offer, it comes as no surprise. But what exactly can you expect from products that has colloidal silver as an active ingredient?

Thanks to the fact that silver nanoparticles actively combats harmful bacteria and microorganisms, it is used in a wide variety of healthcare products. In this post we take a look at some of the products that is approved by government and can be found on the shelves of your favourite local store.

1. Antibacterial Spray: Higher Nature

Antibacterial Spray Higher Nature

Whether you need to dress and disinfect a wound, or sanitise the air around you, antibacterial spray with colloidal silver as an active ingredient is great. This fantastic product by Higher Nature will instantly disinfect wounds or treat allergic reactions to insect bites.

2. Handwash:Carex

Handwash Carex

Not sure whether the handwash you are currently using is protecting you and your loved ones effectively from everyday germs and bacteria? This great handwash from Carex will do the job just fine. The product contains colloidal silver which will protect your loved ones from harmful bacteria.

3. Plasters and Wound Dressings: Boots

Plasters and Wound Dressings Boots

While a lot of medical practitioners have always turned to colloidal silver when dressing wounds, it has never before been available to the public.Because it is so effective in speeding up the healing process and preventing infections, it is now used in everyday plasters available in supermarkets.

4. Deodorant: Boots

Some deodorants may well do the job and keep you fresh, but it can cause skin irritation. To solve this, Dove has launched a great men’s deodorant that has silver ions as an active ingredient. This ensures bad odours are kept at bay while your skin is protected and free from irritants.

5. Footcare – Carnation Silversocks

Footcare – Carnation Silversocks

The clever guys at Carnation designed a sock that makes use of what they call ‘silver technology. These socks prevent odours and transfer moisture, while being thermal conducive at the same time. The socks also combat infections and keeps your feet happy and dry.

As you can see, there are loads of products available that will aid in your day-to-day activities and ensure a healthier lifestyle. All these products are available at chain stores and online, which makes it even more convenient to benefit from the wonders of colloidal silver.

The Ultimate Colloidal Silver Buyer’s Guide


Colloidal silver is back, and it’s bigger and more popular than ever. But what is all the hubbub about? And why are people flocking to stores in search for the best colloidal silver product? Colloidal silver has been used throughout the ages for its amazing health benefits. Not only does it combat harmful bacteria, but it can improve your immune system.

But, with such a popular product and everyone trying to get you to buy theirs, how do you select a true colloidal silver product that will live up to the rumours? In this post we provide you with our expert tips on buying your true colloidal silver.

Different Types of Silver

Firstly, you need to be aware that you’ll be able to find a whole range of different types of silver on shelves. Know what they are and their different properties, and you should be on the way of buying the best product.

Colloidal Silver

When buying true colloidal silver, the ratio of colloidal silver will be much higher than the ionic silver. This provides a higher concentration of silver nanoparticles, making the product more effective.

Ionic Silver

Here you’ll find the opposite. The ratio of ionic silver in ionic silver products and solutions will be much higher than its counterpart. It consists of both silver particles and silver ions.

Silver Protein

Silver protein products are in general not recommended, as a continued usage may lead to argyria. The solution is mixed with a protein, usually gelatine, and consists high volumes of pure silver particles.

Identifying a Safe Colloidal Silver Product

In general, a safe colloidal silver product will be identified by its colour. A safe true colloidal silver solution will be lighter in colour, and a darker solution can be an indication of a silver protein product. If you shake the solution and it produces a foam, it is more than likely a silver protein solution.


It’s important to note that the concentration of the solution will not necessarily make a difference to its efficiency. Keep in mind that a higher (30 to 20,000 parts per million) concentration is likely an indication of a protein solution, which should be avoided.

Particle Surface Area

When you look at the particle surface area, you should have a very good idea about the product’s effectiveness. If the product has a bigger surface area, it will be able to combat harmful organisms in a larger scale.

Colloidal silver is back, and it’s bigger and more popular than ever. But what is all the hubbub about? And why are people flocking to stores in search for the best colloidal silver product? Colloidal silver has been used throughout the ages for its amazing health benefits. Not only does it combat harmful

6 Educational Facts About Colloidal Silver You Didn’t Know


Thanks to the increase in popularity, the market is flooded with a whole string of products all claiming to be true colloidal silver. It is important to know the difference between what is true colloidal silver, and what isn’t, as this will surely play a role in the outcome of your usage thereof.

This is but one of many facts you should know before buying a colloidal silver product to use as a home remedy. In this post we uncover more educational facts that should provide sufficient information on the subject matter. Let’s get started!

#1: Ancient Romans and Greeks Used It


Colloidal silver was usedfrom as early as ancient times, when Greeks and Romans used it to prevent food putrefaction. Later on, in the nineteenth century, medical practitioners started using it to prevent infection. It became less popular when antibiotics entered the health industry.

#2: It’s Used as a Water Purifier


Did you know that the International Space Station uses colloidal silver to purify water? They use filters that contains silver to kill harmful organisms and bacteria. Other organisations have also joined them, including the World Health Organisation.

#3: Known to Kill Germs


While the ancient Romans and Greeks used silver to prevent food from spoiling, it was also used to preserve milk. Because silver is known to kill germs and harmful bacteria, people used to throw a silver coin in milk to keep it fresher for longer.

#4: It Fights Disease


Recent studies have shown that the use of colloidal silver can combat disease, infections and harmful microorganisms effectively. Some researchers have also found that the use of silver nanoparticles in rheumatoid arthritis proved to combat this serious disease.

#5: It Kills Harmful Bacteria


You are probably wondering how colloid silver combats disease. The answer lies in the fact that the silver nanoparticles binds with said harmful bacteria, and stops its metabolic functions. This essentially results in destroying bacteria and harmful organisms.

#6: Some Colloidal Silver Products Aren’t Effective


It is important to note that you won’t find the same positive results from every colloid silver product on the market. Be sure you know the difference between colloidal and ionic silver, and that you don’t use the latter by mistake. The product also has to have the correct balance of silver nanoparticles.

As you can see, the wonders of colloidal silver go far above and beyond our comprehension and it has a lot of health benefits. Keep in mind that to benefit from using silver as a supplement, you have to buy true colloidal silver.

The 5 Best Uses for Colloidal Silver as Supplement


Understanding the health benefits and implications of using colloidal silver is key in making the most of this treatment. The use of colloidal silver for its medicinal properties is not new, and can be dated back to ancient Greece. Doctors and medical practitioners mainly used colloidal silver to combat infection before antibiotics came into the scene.

Today, a lot of people are still using colloidal silver for its healing properties and are benefitting from it. In this post we take a look at some of the most common uses for colloidal silver.

1. Increase Resistance

Colloidal silver is known for its properties that boosts immune systems. This is because it is a natural antibiotic, antiviral and antifungal substance. Any bacteria exposed to silver is killed within a matter of minutes according to a study by the UCLA School of Medicine.

2. Improves Skin Health

Skin infections and issues are often treated by colloidal silver, including acne and psoriasis. In its gel form, colloidal silver can even treat inflammation, redness and pain while improving the overall health of your skin.

3. As a First Aid Medicine

Having some colloidal silver gel in your first aid kit is great. While you may not be able to get antibiotics easily when you need it most, you’ll be able to treat minor cuts, bruises and bites if you have a bit of colloidal silver at hand.

4. Colon Cleansing

Some people even use colloidal silver for a regular or common gut cleanse. By mixing some liquid silver with a bit of aloe, you can rid your bowel from any irritants or bacteria and relieve common symptoms.

5. As an Antifungal Treatment

And finally, colloidal silver or liquid silver can be used as a powerful antifungal treatment. This includes treating thrush, candida and ringworm to name a few. Having a bit of liquid silver in your home first aid kit will prove to be very handy indeed.

While the use of colloidal silver is not uncommon, it is always important to understand how it should be administered and what dosage is advisable. Familiarise yourself with the facts regarding health benefits and risks, and keep your usage minimal.

Know the Risk and Benefits of Taking Colloidal Silver


The popularity of colloidal silver as a supplement has increased over the past couple of years. Some celebrities even admit to using it as a disinfectant while others claim that using it can have noticeable health benefits.

As with any supplement, there are some pros and cons you need to be aware of. The secret is in using it wisely, while calculating whether or not the risks outweigh the benefits. In this post we take a look at some of the common risks and benefits you can expect when using colloidal silver.

The Risks

While it can be great for your health, taking colloidal silver can have some side-effects you need to be aware of.

1. Argyria Develops Over Time

Argyria is a condition where the skin and membranes become grey or blue. While it is not regarded harmful, the symptoms are irreversible.

2. No Guarantee in Safety for Developing Babies

Pregnant mothers should refrain from taking colloidal silver as no trial has proven that using it as a supplement or flue medication is safe for developing babies.

3. Could Cancel Other Medication

Those who take colloidal silver while on antibiotics may find that they do not recover from common symptoms as the supplement may cancel their medication.

The Benefits

When taken wisely and following specific guidelines, colloidal silver can have positive health effects on those who take it.

1. Heals Skin Wounds

Studies have shown that using wound dressings that contains silver can prevent infection and speed up the healing process.

2. Great for Acne

Colloidal silver is often one of the main ingredients in skin products and acne treatments as it acts as an active ingredient against skin problems.

3. Prevents Conjunctivitis in Newborns

It is believed that colloidal silver can prevent conjunctivitis in newborns, and is found as an active ingredient in some eye drop formulas.

While there are some side-effects of using colloidal silver, the topical use thereof does not pose a threat. We’d advise to speak to your general practitioner before using colloidal silver as a supplement. When used in small doses you won’t have to worry about getting argyria.